January 29, 2017

Family setsubun party

Brilliant family party today!

Feb 3rd is "Setstubun" day in Japan, which is the day before the calendric beginning of spring.  We usually celebrate it by scattering beans to pray saying, "Evil out and good fortune in!".

It is bit early for it but we decided to do it today by having good food.  Nice plan, isn't it?

My wife prepared sushi rice, chicken, desert, and more, so many things, she prepared from the day before, thank you!  Also my sister in law ordered fresh oysters and scollops, they are also amazing, thank you!  We are all 5 members and the party started.

Sushi rice here.

We had oysters, law ones and baked ones.

Scollops, baked with batter.

Dessert, panna cotta.

Too much energy for the coming week....  All of them were too good.....
I ate most, and I worked worst.  Thank you and sorry!

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